VOLTA moves the socket to the centre and brings the power to you.

We use more and more wireless devices whose batteries need to be recharged regularly. The smartphone, for example, is a corded phone (with an extremely short cord) for quite some time. Our relationship with the power socket has changed with the increasing use of various devices. For years, it was only there to plug in the vacuum cleaner once a day or to make the living room lamp glow in its place.

Due to the Corona crisis and the associated digitalisation push, the home office has become more relevant. At the latest after working from home all day, you know exactly where the sockets are in the room. While makeshift solutions of multiple sockets under tables or sofas force us to bend and stretch, VOLTA brings the power to you.

The collection consists of 3 objects: a multifunctional lamp, a multiple plug and an extension cable to clamp.

So there is always a socket within reach.

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