About Chaos | Familie Hempel is a Hommage on the classic pile of clothes on a chair.

This Special Chair where you put clothes on which are already worn but still not ready for the washing machine. This chair looks like absolute chaos. But to be true: it’s pure organisation. The only problem is that you can not use it as a chair.

Familie Hempel drags this kind of chair out of the grey area. The collection rebels against the pressure of a society which aims for a ‚Marie-Kondo-like‘ perfection. Familie Hempel provides space to be chaotic. The title is inspired by an old german saying, shouted out when somebody sees a messy room: „Bei dir sieht es ja aus wie bei Hempels unterm Sofa!“ („Your room looks like family Hempel’s place!“)

It’s a collection of 4 members:
A stool, a pouf, a bench, and a high seat. Places to store your clothes.